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Hi, I'm Kurtis, a product designer from Seattle. I'm good at turning ambiguous requirements into meaningful design. I love simplification, problem-solving, and sci-fi.


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Hey, I'm Kurtis -designer, maker, husband, & father*

(* but, not in that order)

I’m a Seattle-based product designer currently creating mobile and web apps for Secure.

I transitioned from marketing to product after exposure to the startup space. I worked at a FinTech startup and found myself wanting to be involved in defining the product as opposed to trying to sell it.

I’ve been hooked to the design thinking process ever since and apply its principles at work and at home. Product design brings together science, design, and tech for the sole purpose of solving problems both big and small. Its general idea is to make peoples lives easier and that's something I'm happy to do every day. 😁

Kurtis Dane

Product Designer @ Secure
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Methods? Systems? Yes please. I like employing process in design. Whether apply a formal design thinking approach or tactics from Sprint - following a process helps assure that learning happens and that stuff gets done.


Yep, a star wars reference. I believe that good design solves problems and enriches lives. I aim to be a force for good with my design work.

Being human

We're all human before we're employees. I think it's important to treat people (coworkers/users) with kindness. What draws me to design is that empathy is where it starts.

Beginner's mind

No arrogance here. I never pretend to know it all. I approach new challenges with an open mind and fresh eyes. Continuous learning and feeling a sense of progress is important to me.